Chicken & Provolone, Roast Beef & Cheddar, Ham & Swiss, 
Turkey & Cheddar, Italian Hoagie 
Sandwich Plate$9.15
Sandwich with Bowl of Soup or Side Salad 
Chicken or Seafood Salad $2.95 extra 
Soup, Salad, and Sandwich$10.95
Sandwich with Bowl of Soup and Side Salad 
Chicken or Seafood Salad $2.95 extra 
Quiche Plate$9.35
Served with two side salads or Bowl of Soup 
Chicken or Seafood Salad $2.95 extra 
Soup & Salad$8.75
Bowl of Soup and Side Salad 
Chicken or Seafood Salad $2.95 extra 
Blackened Chicken Caesar$10.15
Caesar Salad with Blackened Chicken and Pico de Gallo 

Salads Include a Roll or a Muffin

Salad Trio 
Three different salads 
without Chicken or Seafood$8.95
that include Chicken or Seafood$10.50
that include Chicken and Seafood$11.95
Half & Half 
Two different salads. Sorry,
    no Chicken and Seafood together
without Chicken or Seafood$9.35
that include Chicken or Seafood$11.75
Salad Sampler$8.95
A little taste of all eight salads 
Chef Salad$9.45
Cut meats and cheeses with  
Caesar, Italian or Ranch dressing 
Fresh Fruit Plate$10.15
Sliced fruits served with yogurt 
Large Caesar Salad$8.75
Sides   Misc 
Caesar$5.25  Bowl of Soup$4.50
Chicken$6.75  Quiche Slice$5.50
Seafood$6.75  Sandwich$6.25
Fruit$5.25  Drinks$1.95
Cucumber$5.25  Cookie$2.00
Pasta$5.25  Brownie$2.25
Potato$5.25  Muffins$ .75
Vegetable$5.25  Chips$1.50
Bulk Salads  
Quarts serve 5 people  
Dressing is on the side.Everything on the side, $1.50 extra
Small BowlMedium BowlLarge Bowl
Serves 6Serves 12Serves 20
Pint Dressing Add Blackened Chicken
$6.55 $15 per pound
Whole Quiche$16.95
Must be ordered a day in advance! 
Turkey & Broccoli,Ham & Broccoli,
Chicken & Broccoli, Vegetarian, Ham & Cheese, or Spinach.
For Quiche Lorraine add $2