Catering Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum size for delivery?
Orders must be for at least 8 people.
What is the cost for delivery?
Delivery charges vary based on day, time, and distance
Weekday lunch delivery is typically $10 to $20
Can boxed lunches be ordered where each person gets a different kind of box?
Boxes can be ordered that way but they cost an additional $2 each.
If at least 8 end up being the same, we waive the charge for those.
What about late afternoon, early evening, or Saturday deliveries?
Minimum order for these times is 20. Additonal fees for delivery apply.
Can catering be ordered for Saturdays?
Yes. Minimum order for Saturday is 8 if buffet style, 40 if boxed lunch.
Once an order is placed, can it be cancelled?
Orders placed in advance may be cancelled by the person who placed the order by 5pm the day before.
Same day cancellations carry charges depending on how late the cancellation is.
Charges vary from about half the original price to the full price.
Orders placed for same day service may not be cancelled.
Can I make arrangements for catering things that aren't on the menu?
Yes. We do all kinds of catering. Salads and sandwiches are what we are known for but
we cater holiday parties, hot entrees, hors d'oeuvre parties, BBQ, etc. Specialty events
are by proposal only.
Is there a way to estimate the cost of a catered event?
Yes. We have an estimator tool. Follow this link.