Deli TortesHam & Cheese Mini CroissantsFajitas
Deli meats, cheeses and crepes,Ham and Swiss cheese inside puffMarinated beef or chicken, onions, peppers and cheese,
stacked high and cut into squares.pastry and baked golden brown.baked in flour tortillas. Served with picante sauce.
Baked Chicken WingsSweet Potato Pecan BiscuitsCrab Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Baked chicken wings.Sweet potato biscuit with a slice of turkey,Large mushroom caps, filled with crab meat stuffing, baked with
Tossed in BBQ sauce, Franks sauce, or plain.dill pickle, and our own special dressing.sherry wine and finished with an herb cheese topping.
BBQ MeatballsMaryland Crab CakesFinger Sandwiches
Little round meatballs served in aMini Lump Crab Meat, silver dollar sized,Assorted breads with turkey, ham,
jalapeno barbeque sauce.browned and served with Chipotle Mayonnaise.and cream cheese spreads.
Jalapeno Tortilla RollsFruit KebobsTeriyaki Chicken Kebobs
Ham and jalapeno cream cheese rolled inside flourFresh fruit on a skewer served withBreast of chicken, marinated in teriyaki sauce,
tortillas. Served with picante sauce.a flavored yogurt dressing.baked on a skewer with bell peppers and onions.
Mini QuicheCold Boiled ShrimpHot Crab Dip
Chicken/broccoli, ham/broccoli, turkey/broccoli,Jumbo shrimp on ice with lemon andCrab meat baked in herbed cream cheese
or vegetarian quiche squares served hot.Pablano pepper cocktail sauce.and served with corn chips(Serves 25).
Fried Butterfly Shrimp      Baked BrieChocolate Dipped Strawberries
Breaded Butterfly Shrimp, deep fried andBrie cheese baked in puff pastry with preserves and aMini Desserts
served with Pablano Pepper Cocktail sauce.pecan crust. Served with crackers(serves 25).Cookies, Brownies, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.
Coconut Chicken StripsStuffed Mushroom Caps Marinara     California Spring Rolls
Chicken strips on a skewer, breaded with a lightLarge mushroom caps, filled with Italian sausage andSoftened Lavosh, layered with smoked turkey, Cheddar cheese,
coconut mixture and baked golden brown.Mozzarella cheese, baked and servedavocados,tomatoes, lettuce, herbed cream cheese
Served with Tokyo sauce.with marinara sauce.and seasonings. Rolled and then sliced.
Chicken QuesadillasShrimp and Spinach QuesadillasFried Egg Rolls
Blackened chicken breast, onion, peppers and cheeseShrimp, spinach, mushrooms and cheese grilled inEgg Rolls, deep fried and
grilled in flour tortillas. Served with picante sauce.flour tortillas. Served with picante sauce.served with Sweet & Sour Sauce.