Catering of buffets, lunch boxes, hot food, and hors d'oeuvres is available for pick up or delivery in the north Dallas area. Delivery times are limited so don't wait too long to place your order if you want lunch time delivery. Delivery fees apply and vary based on destination. Full menu is available for pick up at the Richardson location only. Salad Buffets and Boxed Lunches can be picked up at any restaurant location with sufficient notice. Minimum order is for 8 people and we are large enough to handle groups over 1000. We can do individual ordering on boxed lunches but the price is higher. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom. We do hot food and hors d' oeuvres, too! Check out catering FAQ's for more info.

Buffet Style Salads 
Our salads are Caesar, Chicken, Pasta, Fruit, 
Seafood, Potato, Vegetable, and Cucumber 
Salad Sampler $9.35
A little taste of all eight salads 
Salad Trio 
3 Basic Salads $9.10
Chicken or Seafood and 2 Basic Salads$10.45
Chicken and Seafood and 1 Basic Salad
Extras with Buffet Orders 
Caesar Salad(Serves 10)$30
Sandwich Tray(Serves 10)$57
 Party Trays 
 Meat & Cheese Tray 
 Vegetable & Dip Tray 
 Fruit and Cheese Tray 
 Fresh Fruit Tray 
Drinks and Desserts
Beyond Brownie$2.60
Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin 
Amaretto or Caramel Crunch 
Gallon of Tea
or Lemonade
(serves 10) 
Canned Soda$1.75
Bottled Water$1.95
Boxed Lunches 
Turkey or Ham Sandwich$7.25
Roast Beef Sandwich$7.95
Served with pasta, potato, or fruit salad 
Trio Boxed Lunch 
Chicken and Seafood and 1 Basic Salad$11.75
Chicken or Seafood and 2 Basic Salads$10.45
3 Basic Salads $9.10
Blackened Chicken Caesar    $9.80
Caesar salad served with strips of 
blackened chicken breast 
Sampler Boxed Lunch $9.35
A little taste of all eight salads 
Deluxe Boxed Lunches         
Turkey or Ham Sandwich$9.25
Roast Beef Sandwich$9.95
Italian Hoagie$10.50
Blackened Chicken Sandwich$10.75
Mesquite Grilled Chicken Salad    $11.25
Deluxe Lunch Boxes served with 
Pasta or Potato Salad 
Fresh Fruit 
Cookie or Brownie 
Hot Food 
All hot food is served buffet style with vegetables, rice, rolls, butter, and Caesar salad. 
Minimum order is for 12 people and is priced "each". 
Chicken Elegante$15.50
Breast of chicken marianated in sour cream, breaded, baked, and served in a white wine sauce. 
Chicken Marsala$14.95
Breast of chicken sauted and served with a marsala mushroom sauce. 
Chicken Piccata Milanese$14.95
Breast of chicken coated in egg and parmesan cheese, sauteed and served with marinara sauce. 
Chicken Madagascar$15.50
Breast of chicken sauted and served with a green peppercorn sauce. 
Salmon with Dill Sauce$18.50
Salmon baked and served with a white wine sauce flavored with dill. 
Pork Rosemary$16.95
Pork Loin oven roasted and served with a rosemary brown sauce. 
Chicken Cordon Bleu$15.50
Breast of chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, baked and served with brown sauce. 
Beef or Chicken Fajitas$17.50
Strips of beef or chicken, sauteed with onions, bell pepper, and seasonings. 
Shrimp Etouffee$17.95
Shrimp sauteed "Nitro" hot the Pruhdomme way. Don's or Paul's style! Paul's style is New Orleans hot, Don's is Nitro Fuel burning Funny Car style. 
BBQ Pork Ribs$17.95
Pork ribs oven roasted until tender with hickory smoked BBQ Sauce. 
Other Hot Items 
Layers of lasagne noodles and meat sauce topped with provolone cheese. Served with Caesar salad and Garlic Toast. Minimum size is for 18 or more. 
Pie made from eggs and cheese. Served with Caesar salad and fruit salad.
Minimum order is 12 people.
Hors d'Oeuvres 
Minimum order is for 25 people and is priced per person. 
Hors d'Oeuvre Party$13.95
Extra selections$1.95
Fruit & Cheese Tray, Vegetable and Dip, plus 3 selections from the Hors d'Oeuvres menu
Good for an event lasting 1-2 hours not across a dinner hour.
Add 2 or 3 additional selections for an event lasting 3-4 hours or across a dinner hour.
Add 4 or 5 additonal selections for an event lasting longer than 4 hours, across a dinner hour, or an event with alcohol.
Upgrade one selection to Cold Boiled Shrimp$1.95
Upgrade one selection to Roast Tenderloin$3.95