Banquet Hall Frequently Asked Questions
What is the maximum size of a banquet?
Maximum practical size is about 140. It can be a little more or less depending on the specifics of the event.
Is there a charge for the room?
Yes. The room is $125 per hour.
How much does it cost for an event?
Events are between $30 and $50 per person but vary widely based on the specifics of an event.
Is there a way I can estimate the event myself?
Yes. Follow this link to the estimator and put in as much as you know about your event.
What days are you open for events?
Any day. We are closed for the weekend around major holidays and for 2 weeks at Christmas time.
Do you do luncheons?
Yes. However, if it is on a weekday, we can only accommodate the event if attendees car pool at least 3 to a vehicle. Otherwise, Saturday and Sundays only.
Can I come an view the hall?
Yes. We actually encourge you to come see the hall to make sure that it will suit your needs. Please call to make arrangements though as we are taking care of customers in the restaurant at lunch time.
Can I bring in my own food or use another caterer for my event?
Sorry, we do not allow outside food or caterers.
Do you do serve alcohol?
No. Alcoholic beverages may be brought in. We have a charge for this but it includes use of the bar area, set up, etc. Make sure you mention this when arranging for a proposal so all details can be discussed.
Can I make arrangements for things that aren't on the menu?
Yes. We do all kinds of banquets. We also do some special items in November and December that you can
look at here for holiday parties. All banquets are by proposal only.
How do I book an event?
Events are by proposal only. We need some information about your event to do the proposal. Date, time, length, estimated number of attendees, and menu selection are required for a proposal. A deposit of $175 reserves the date for your event. It is non refundable if the event is cancelled but it is good toward your total. A further 50% deposit is due 30 days before the date of your event with final prepay amount due once the guarantee count is due, usually the Monday before a Saturday event.